Looking for swim spa perfection? Look no further. American Whirlpool's DM8 is not just a pool, and not just a spa, it's both in one gorgeous setting! The spa component has its own fully-adjustable control panel, so you can enjoy a cool swim, then move over to your fully-heated hot tub.

Able Pool and Spa believes you deserve the ultimate in luxury at an affordable price. The DM8 is here to make all your backyard oasis' dreams come true!

American Whirlpool DM8 PowerPool

DM8 Features

Dimensions: 18.16′ x 7.5′

Depth: 4.41′

Seats: 8

Jets: 33

Pumps: 3

Imagine this: You and your significant other are relaxing in your fully-jetted hot tub seats, while just across the barrier, your kids/family/friends swim, splash and play. That is truly swim spa heaven, and only possible with American Whirlpool's beautiful DM8 all-in-one swim spa!