Not Fun.

Not Fun.

Comparison shopping

Based on our 25 years of experience, we have compiled a list of features and benefits you'll find helpful when comparing swing sets.

Apply the "Grab and Shake" test.

When you see a Rainbow wooden swing set grab it and try to shake it. All Rainbow structures are rock solid. You be the judge. When shopping the other swing set companies, be sure to apply the "Grab and Shake" test. You must avoid lightweight wobbly playsets for the safety of your children.

Is the playset adjustable for unlevel yards?

Rainbow Play Systems offers flexible swing set designs that can be adjusted to safely fit unlevel yards.

Avoid lumber that is unstained.

All of Rainbow's hand-selected lumber is sealed with our exclusive 10-step waterseal process.

If the lumber is stained - ask how it was applied.

Avoid stain that is wiped on, brushed on or dipped. Inspect the consistency of the finish. Rainbow's exclusive 10-step waterseal process always provides a consistent finish.

Read the warranty carefully.

Avoid pro-rated warranties. The Rainbow Warranties are the best in the industry.

Inspect the structure for protruding hardware.

Protruding hardware creates a safety hazard. All Rainbow hardware is recessed and capped.

No on-site ladder assembly.

Be sure to ask if the ladders come assembled. All Rainbow ladders are pre-assembled at the factory using a hydraulic press for safe construction. Many companies offer you playsets with unassembled ladders that you have to pound together.

No wooden dowels on ladders.

Wooden dowels cost far less than pipe, but they crack and split. Rainbow uses sturdier vinyl-coated or powder-coated steel pipe.

Avoid vertical climbing features.

You wouldn't prop a ladder vertically on your house to safely get to your roof, you lean it at an angle for better stability and footing. The same principle applies to climbing features for kids. Rainbow climbing ladders are angled for easier, safer climbing.

Top-heavy sets are a safety hazard.

Many companies create higher platforms for longer slides making them top-heavy. Rainbow applies basic geometric rules to our designs for safer structures. All Rainbow swing sets are based on a wide base design and the equilateral triangle; the deck height does not exceed the width of the base of the fort. Be sure to examine the stability of any swing set you consider.

Avoid non-modular/non-expandable playsets.

All Rainbow structures are modular and expandable for a "grow-into" rather than a "grow-out-of" design. With hundreds of accessories and options, Rainbow is the only play system your children will need throughout their childhood.

Avoid small sets.

This sounds simple enough but many playset catalog photographs are deceiving. It is very hard to judge swing set size by a photograph alone. Rainbow structures are HUGE!!! We invite you to visit our factory showroom to see-and play on-our swing sets in person. Don't buy a small set that your children will outgrow in 3 to 4 years.

Confirm if all options are included.

Many swing set catalogs show photographs of "loaded" playsets. Be sure the price includes all of the features shown in the photo. Be cautious of "shown with options."

If you are shopping for a lumberyard kit, consider design options and your time.

Consider how much time you will spend sorting through lumberyard bins, cutting and drilling the lumber, pounding the nails, and in some cases digging holes in the ground and pouring concrete. Also, consider the overall design of the playset and how many play activities it includes.

If you do purchase a lumberyard kit, clarify assembly needs.

Watch out for instructions that say 4 to 8 hours of assembly time. You may find it takes 12 to 16 hours to build. Also, be sure to clarify all the tools needed and whether the unit is adjustable for unlevel yards.

If you are shopping for a toy store swing set, inspect it first.

Ask to inspect the swing set first. Most toy stores simply have a photo of the swing set along with a small sample of the wood. It is very hard to judge the size and stability of a toy store unit by looking at a photograph.

If you are shopping online, read the fine print.

Be sure to read the fine print and remember it is very difficult to make a decision based on a small photo. A Rainbow swing set is a one-time purchase. We suggest you inspect one in person either in one of our showrooms or in a friend or neighbor's backyard. Your children deserve the best.