Patricia and Dario R

Patricia and Dario R

"Able Pool & Spa

We cannot begin to tell you and your staff how much we have enjoyed our elegant pool. Our grandchildren, friends and family have enjoyed the outstanding features of our pool. Its style, depth and length have given us hours of great pleasure. The classic Tuscany Style is big enough for play and small enough for easy cleaning. Because of the fiberglass structure cleaning is a breeze.

As soon as we bought the solar cover more hours were spent having fun. Our senior citizen parents enjoyed the warm shallow nook.

We are now getting ready to landscape its surroundings and it will look even better.

We have to confess our grandchildren from out of town thought there wasn't anything to do with us, but now they can't wait to visit us."

Lisa M

Lisa M

"To the Prospective Customer:

When my husband and I were starting the process of researching pools we found ourselves overwhelmed. Cement vs. Fiberglass vs. Vinyl liners, Chlorine vs. Saline, kidney shaped vs. rectangular vs. free from, sizes, depths, colors, pumps, heaters, water features, covers, etc.

We searched the internet, talked to friends and neighbors who owned pools, and called dozens of pool contractors to try to get our questions answered. Everyone seemed to have their opinions, but no one seemed to be able to give us any facts or advice based off our particular needs, until we walked into Able Pool & Spa.

We were promptly greeted at the store and asked how we could be helped. When we told the salesperson that we were thinking about getting a pool but didn't know exactly where to start, they started asking questions to get a better idea of what we had in mind.

They didn't try to sell us the biggest, most expensive, or most "tricked out" pool that others had tried to convince us that we needed. They simply tried to get to know us and what would best fit us and our backyard.

They spent hours with us over several visits answering our questions, taking measurements at the house, drawing multiple options of how different pools would look in our yard, explaining how the pool would be installed, and much more...all before a contract was signed.

We never once felt pressured into getting something we didn't want. Others tried to pressure us into getting all the "bells & whistles" when we didn't want them. Able Pool & Spa was different. They simply asked what we wanted and showed us options.

During the installation process, a representative was always available to explain the next step. They kept us well informed of the progress of our pool as well as set backs. We were never left to wonder.

Everyone involved in the process was courteous and professional. Our pool had to be lifted over our house with a crane in order to be installed...a stressful experience to say the least. But Able Pool & Spa handled the situate fabulously, offering reassurance and answers to all our concerns.

The pool, decking, and rock wall extensions were all finished on time. We were even given an instruction session at our home on how to clean and maintain the pool itself, as well as the filtering system, the light controller, and how often to bring a water specimen into the store for testing to keep the mineral balance optimal.

The entire experience was headache free! We are very happy with Able Pool & Spa and continue to buy our pool supplies from them exclusively."

Miguel M

Miguel M

"Dear Able Pool & Spa,

I just wanted to express to you my most sincere gratitude for your services.

From the beginning, to the customer service provided, to the completion of the project, to assisting us with getting all the permits, Able Pool & Spa has been there for us.

Since you installed our pool there have been nothing but good times in our backyard. We are pleased o say that hosting barbecue parties and/or get togethers with family and friends have been a joyful experience now that we have a pool.

Our backyard is our little Oasis. It is where we spend most of our time. It is our favorite part of the house. Everyone loves our pool. THANK YOU, Able Pool and Spa for making this possible."

Carol M

Carol M

"To potential clients of Able Pool & Spa,

I can't tell you how pleased we have been with our new pool. We were outside the entire summer, and didn't care about the hot temperatures in July and August. How refreshing to be able to walk out your back door and have your own pool to enjoy.

I had heard horror stories about the time and money it takes to maintain a pool, but we have been pleasantly surprised at just how easy it is with a fiberglass pool. It only takes twenty minutes to brush the sides if dirt and algae start to show and have it vacuumed. It's funny to think we were worried we'd need a pool service!

Whenever we have a questions about our chemicals it only takes five minutes to have Able Pool & Spa check them and give us advice on what we need and how much to use.

When we had a problem with our heater they were very diligent in getting it fixed, and when that proved to be impossible, they replaced it free! Speaking of the heater, we probably wouldn't need one if I didn't like swimming in bath water, but this pool heats quickly and at very little cost.

My husband, who didn't see the need for a pool, now wonders why we didn't do this sooner. We couldn't be happier with our purchase. The products and service you receive with Able Pool & Spa is worth every penny!


Sara L

Sara L

"Thank you for building our pool this past summer, we are very pleased on how our new pool turned out.

You stayed on schedule and finish our pool within 2 weeks and that is very impressive, you kept your promise of building the pool as soon as possible.

We had no trouble reaching you if we had any concerns and all of your employees were nice and helpful.

We appreciate all the hard work that you had done and we are very satisfied. The pool came out great!!! We will enjoy it for years to come.


The Viera Family

The Viera Family

"We got our pool in August 2009. It has been the best investment we have done. The Kids love it!

Able Pool & Spa were very professional, their timeline on getting the pool installed was on target. Very helpful with us first time pool owners. They explained the process detail by detail, if any questions arise, we were answered quickly.

We are very happy. Lots of fun summer ahead."